Small Travel bag, filled with spiders

I’m having a bag making obsession at the moment. Patterns are all from sewing time on YouTube, (DIY Baby Diaper Bag | Making Multi Poket Travel Bag [sewingtimes] - YouTube) she has a ton of videos all with different bags, all free. No endless chat, just the pieces and step by step instructions.

This was actually a small baby bag, but I love the size. I’m traveling next week with a budget airline and they are very fussy about the size of carry on luggage. I’m allowed a small case and a small bag, this fits the small bag dimensions, but it’s plenty big enough to take everything i need at the airport and snacks.

I bought the fabric, in joannes four years ago when DD and I were on our magical craftster tour of some of the US.

It’s not completely finished as I need to bind the seams inside and add a couple of zipper pulls.

Inside is filled with spiders, and lots of pockets. I changed the pockets inside (I don’t need to carry baby’s bottles!!) And I added a small secure zippered pocket for change.

One clever idea I picked up from a bag I didn’t make, was to add a strap at the back, so it will go over the handle of a pull along case, leaving me hands free. There is also a large zippered pocket on the bag for travel documents.

I’m sightly bummed by this strap as I really carefully pattern matched it, so it would disappear, and then proceeded to sew it on upsidedown. Only noticing it when I was finished. :roll_eyes: Ah well, it’s all good


That turned out great! Shame about the upside down part but only you will know it’s meant to be different.


What a great, functional bag! Love your various alterations. And that there are spiders inside.


This is really lovely. I might have to have a look at these videos as I dont really carry a handbag, so was always scrambling for something to take on planes that was not a backpack (and maybe again sometimes soon!). I also want to make a overnight bag, maybe I can make a matching set. :slightly_smiling_face:

That strap is the exact reason I don’t bother pattern matching. I know I’d sew it on upside down. But as @Magpie said, only you know. Plus it is the side that will be against your body when you carry it.


Great work, except the strap :face_with_hand_over_mouth::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::smiley:

I’d never be able to use it though, just the thought of sticking my hand in to spiders makes my skin crawl.


Nah, they are all tame spiders, sentinel spiders in fact, keeping my stuff safe :grin:


She has a couple of really nice videos for overnight bags, plus all the cute pouches you could want.


This came out fabulous! So perfect for travel!


Very cool! Spiders are the perfect touch.


Love this bag! The fabric is great! Can you link to the YouTube channel or was I too fast on the reply?


This is the bag I made, her channel has loads of patterns DIY Baby Diaper Bag | Making Multi Poket Travel Bag [sewingtimes] - YouTube




Her stuff is GREAT! Yours came out fantastic!

It looks like it would be a little bit small for me but I like the style… hmmm I could probably size it up and make that big pocket a slot for my laptop :slight_smile:


I love the spiders! Cute bag and great idea with the strap. It really looks fine, but I understand the disappointment.

P.S. I love flying budget airlines because we all pack light. I had my kids fill their backpack with toys and snacks for the flight, and we just borrowed clothes from the cousins when we got to Grandma’s! Saved so much money!


She has a couple of larger ones, a Weekender and a “Boston” bag

Her channel is fab!


The bag looks amazing. As soon as you said you sewed the strap upside-down, my heart sank. I know that feeling all too well. No one else will notice though. It looks great. I hope you have fun on your trip too!
PS. the spiders are a funny surprise!


What a great bag! I love the idea of adding the strap so you can put it on your suitcase - just don’t mistake it for a pocket that you slip your cell phone in (that happened to a friend of mine and I found her phone under the table after she left, lol).


Those are great too! Her way of showing how to make the bags is great. I am a pattern design freak and I took me a beat to even see what you were talking about with the strap pattern. looks great!

Such a classic shape and pattern! Sure to never go out of fashion. The flat top strap is brilliant.

I ended up changing the back strap, because it just didn’t work with the suitcase that I’m using. I cut most of the strap off, leaving about 2" either side, and put three pieces of elastic across the back. It’s now more adaptable to different size handles, plus it removes the upsidedown issue. And avoids me mistaking it for a pocket, @AudiobookLover that is totally something I would do!

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