Smorrebrod.Danish open sandwiches Xmas dinner 2019

Xmas dinner 2019 was Smorrebrod Danish open sandwiches.


Other plate smorrebrod.

Yum! Very attractive.

I’d be all over that. looks tasty and festive.

This looks so good! :slight_smile:

I love Danish sandwiches. I go to a Danish Sisterhood luncheon and they have them. They look so yummy!

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I would open this post right before lunch…ha ha…

Almost too pretty to eat…almost…

My husband’s grandmother was Danish, and we’ve recently been reading up a lot on the history and cuisine of Denmark. This is one of the things we read about. It’s nice to see such a delicious spread :slight_smile:

I think we will try to learn speaking Danish this year. We’d like to visit Denmark someday.

These look beautiful and delicious!

I have to learn to make prettier smørbrød, mine look so boring compared to these, of course I’m not serving mine for Christmas, but that’s out of the point, great job! They look so yummy

Gorgeous sammies!