Smurf Gym Shorts

I made a pair of sleep shorts for my dil and granddaughter. Vintage Smurf fabric from the 80’s
I used this pattern.


THESE ARE SOOOOO CUTE! I love that the 80s fabric goes with an the 80s gym short style! I definitely wore shorts in this style, but none with nearly so cute of a fabric.

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The 80’s style is big in Vegas. I used to wear that type of shorts with striped gym socks and chucks and tube tops. My granddaughter is into that style.


Love that shorts pattern! I have a few I made for myself.

great fabric choice!

I love them! This is exactly what I have been looking for my daughter for summer :grin: So cool :sunglasses:

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What a cute idea to make them some amazing matching shorts!

So cute! That fabric is so fun.

they look perfectly done. so charming! what a great pair. I am sure they will become precious heirlooms