Snails! A crochet pattern

That’s so colorful and adorable! I think I’ll try making this little guy soon, once I find some time. :slight_smile:

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@AmethystArrow, I love it! I love how the bright shell contrasts with the snail body. Great color choices! And, welcome to Lettuce Craft!

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Oh man, I think I, too, am going to need an army of snails. I love how the variegated yarn makes such cool shells and I love-love the ripply snail foot and teeny feelers! Thank you for sharing the pattern!

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What happened to row13#alt: for the shell? do i just continue with row 13: or was there a typo

There’s no alternate for 13, since it’s just straight stitches - the alts are for bigger stitches (hdc, dc, etc) if you don’t want to do the “short rows”. :smiley:

I made my friend a big snail out of blanket yarn and I think I’m going to have to make one for myself because I cannot get over how cute it is!! thank you for this wonderful pattern :sparkling_heart:


Isn’t it great? The snail turns out so cute no matter what colours you use.

I’ve made several of these cuties for friends and family and everyone loves them! I feel a bit awkward asking, but are you comfortable with people making these to sell?

Sorry, I’ve been away a bit, but that’s fine! :smiley:

Awesome! I’ll make sure to credit you for the pattern :slight_smile:

Is it possible to do all of the shell with short rows instead of dc rounds?

I’ve not done it without any DC, but you can certainly try to expand the short row work and if you fine a better way feel free to share! I do prefer the short rows to the TC, though.

Hello! I’m a little new to crochet, but I was wondering how to start off the shell? Do I connect the chain together to make a circle? Or do I just crochet around in a spiral? Anyways, your snails are very cute! I’m very excited to make one of my own :smiley:

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Welcome to LC @Hose_Water!

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Thank you! I just found it recently and it’s super cool


I haven’t made this pattern but I don’t think you connect the chain into a circle. You work down the chain like normal and the work up the opposite side of the chain

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Alright thank you!

DONE!! thank you for this pattern teehee i love my new friends :))


@robsongirl Super cute!