Snarky cards FTW

I made these for the L&C grab bag swap. I designed them on Canva (which actually took longer than it sounds-maybe coz I’m technically challenged?) and printed them. Digital design is an art/craft, right?


Love these! You can’t go wrong with a little snark sometimes.


Thanks! I agree!

Hilarious! I can’t pick a favorite!
And I recently tried my hand at some digital work and it took me so long!

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Thanks! These were really fun to make!

Of course digital design counts! I was lucky enough to receive these. They are so funny and bright. They all crack me up, but the message on that cake one is hysterical.

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my fave is the blessings one, but they’re all great!

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Bahahahaaaaa! Great cards! You matched the snark to the images so well!

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Thanks, guys!!

hehe, these are so fun!

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Thank you!!