Snow flake hexagon quilt

This has been a WIP for over three years and I finally finished it.
It’s EPP hexagons in the shape of snowflakes. I appliqued it on the border, and backed it with flannel.


Wow! They look like puzzle pieces!

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I have never seen this pattern before! My first thought was also puzzle pieces but now I can see the snowflakes as well. I really love this. I’m a big fan of hexies.

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Whoa, crazy making. How did you stay sane? I love it, it’s so fun and colorful…and crazy!

So impressed! I have been working on a hexie quilt for years. Gives me so much hope to see someone finish one. Nice pattern choice.

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@Averia I have suggested an EPP swap for the next round of swaps! Hexies or some other shape.

It has taken me a few years of stitching on and off but I expect to finish my scrappy hexie quilt (Queen size) from the swaps in the old place this summer.

It’s so satisfying to complete those longterm WIPs! You did a beautiful job.