Snowglobe Initial Ornaments!

I made these two ornaments for my nieces, Tesla and Joules. (Can you tell their mama is an engineer? :blush:) If you look the “candy cane” type part is their initials, T and J! Finally forced myself to sew them into ornaments today so I can mail them off to Missouri! :mailbox_with_mail:

Size : Stitched area on each is 2.5 inches x 2.5 inches.
Fabric : 28 ct Evenweave - Light Blue
Pattern : By Fiona Crouch - From CrossStitcher November 2019 Magazine
Time : About 4 days each.
Fun Factor : Pretty fun. I think the designs are super cute. The backstitching really brings it together. For the white I also included a strand of silver so the snow is sparkly when it moves (which you can’t really tell in the picture. :slightly_frowning_face:)
Changes : None - other than add a bit of sparkle!

And onto photos and close-ups!

Here’s the cutie J ornament for little Joules.

And here’s the T for Miss Tesla! Love this lounging snowman.

It’s hard to tell but each bottom of the snowglobe has 2020 stitched really small.

Thanks for looking! I’m loving doing all these small cross stitch projects for Christmas. :christmas_tree:


Cute ornaments, great names!

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These are soooo sweet and charming! They will for sure be lifelong favorites of your nieces. And those are such cool names!

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These are so sweet! I love all the ornaments I am seeing on here. I love how these are personalized. I am also a huge fan of Christmas deer so I favor the “J” one.


These are adorable! I love that they’re similar but still different.

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What a special aunt you are! These are such sweet and thoughtful winter scenes!

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These are so much fun, and in such great colors!!

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These are so sweet!

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Awesome ornaments my friend. I’m sure they’ll be treasured.

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What sweet ornaments! I love that you used cross stitching to make ornaments! I’ve always wanted one of those cross stitched family ornaments (like my husband, son, and I in cross stitch form), but I’m not a cross stitcher.

I think I’ve seen three cross stitched ornaments of yours so far and they are all wonderful!

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