Snowman Piñata

I’ve been researching and sourcing for some near-future piñata making which reminded me that I had made a piñata several years ago.

Our older niece is going to be 18 next month, so I’m feeling a little tender-hearted about this snowman, because both the girls were so little when I made this for them for Christmas day smashery.


It’s built over a HUGE balloon with paper mâché that’s painted white and glittered. The “coal” eyes and mouth are wads of paper mâché painted black. I don’t remember how I made the carrot nose, but I bet it’s from something something like a cracker box.

If I remember correctly, the hat is mostly a Quaker Oats box - a cardboard cylindar with more cracker box. It had lived through the smashery and their mom (my SIL) kept it and uses it every year for a holiday decoration. :heavy_heart_exclamation:

My upcoming piñata project is going to be totally different in scale and style, but I’m excited to tackle it!


It’s wonderful! So glad it survived the smashery.

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This is the best piñata I’ve ever seen! I don’t know I’d have been able to smash it! I guess it’s good kids have no such inhibitions as piñatas are meant to be enjoyed! The “coal” is so realistic!

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Thanks, pals!

Wellllllll, I made it too strong for the little girls to smash, so their dad and uncle had at it (gleefully, I might add). :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Hey, piñatas are for ALL the kids! Lol!

This one turned out awesome!

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I am so glad it lived! It would be a shame to ruin that!


Thanks, y’all!

The eyes look so coal-like, terrific work on this.