Snuggly neon dreams

Heeeeeey crafty peeps!!

I apologise, Mr Loops was out of inspiration for this one so I had to make a title… I promise it won’t happen again… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Aaaanyways, so I’m not sure what it is but I’m really into neon colours atm and my new neon vest is going to be amazingly warm (and bright) for walking Arwen, or just playing outside with her! :wink:

I used the Verve Vest pattern by George and Ginger, and picked the scoop version with cowl neck and hidden pockets. (My stripey under-top is the Rave shirt pattern, also by G&G)

Really love the scoop arms as invariably it’s my back and boobs that get cold, defo not my arms. Not sure I’d bother with the hidden pockets again though, bit too much faffing for my liking, but then I doooo like pockets… hmmmm maybe I will… we’ll see.

Please note that if you do by chance make this pattern, be aware that if you use a slightly less stretchy fabric… you might need to make the cowl a smidge bigger if you have a big head like me :wink: That said though, as you can see I still managed to get it over my head kinda like a snood so at least it’ll keep my lower face warm when I’m able to go out on dog walks again, I just won’t be able to move my head much!!

Planning to make a hoodie version as well with some amazing Totoro squish fabric that I’ve been hoarding for ages. I’m certain it’ll be epic cos seriously… look at this :heart_eyes:

Anyways, hope you like it :hibiscus:
Loops xx


The important part of keeping warm is covering your torso! I love this pattern as it is just enough to keep you warm but not hot!

The color looks great with your neutral pants and top. You have to have pockets to keep doggie treats! Arwen approves of this as well…she is so into having attention.

The Totoro fabric is fabulous!


Ooh. This looks so comfy and useful! I love the shape and the material you chose. Great job as always on taking a pattern and making it so much better!


You do such a great job on all your outfits! And I love that you’ll stand out from the crowd- very important when walking the pupper! :+1::blush:


I love the shot with the cowl up over your head; with the bright color and striped shirt it makes you look like some long-necked creature from Dr Seuss. Cute Totoro fabric!


This color looks REALLY good on you! As does the cowl neckline.


Love this cowl and how you styled it with the gray stripes and plaid. It really pops and looks amazing.


Ooo!! I love this one. The scoop sleeves are so cool! There are hidden pockets?! So extra!

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Love the colour! and the style

but the title, well let’s just say I hope Mr Loops gets inspiration back soon :joy:

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Eeep! I love it!

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Oopsy, sorry, totally forgot to reply to everyone but thanks so much for your comments!!! :kissing_heart:

Love the happy color of this, especially in this dreary gray fall/winter time. I was just thinking about you yesterday. I’ve been missing your great posts.