So Much Inspiration to "Borrow"

I am really enjoying the paper embellishments swaps and the paper craftalong…so many fun and simple ideas and sharing of links to tutorials for even more ideas!

Here are some things I have “borrowed”…

Mini Journals: (thanks to all of the mini journals makers who posted!)


Faux stamps and tags: (thanks @loves2experiment )

Book page tags: (thanks @Smmarrt )

And, just something I like to do periodically, make kimono dolls from origami papers!

Check out the posts…some really great ideas to get inspired!


You’ve been busy! Love all of your goodies. See you in the next swap, right?

Yes…I have made a list of things to make and send to help me focus and not get overwhelmed!

I also made a book to hold a lot of the things so I won’t forget (with instructions or tutorial links!)…thanks for all you do…

Tickets and fabric pockets are next! lol

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Beautiful paper crafts! Those mini journals are fantastic :slight_smile: I recognize the characters for the floral journal…it has been ages but I guess I did retain some knowledge of the language :slight_smile:

Your faux stamps turned out great! And those book page tags…and wee origami dolls. Did you use a tutorial or just wing it? They are so cute!

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Thanks…I had to google the kanji…lol…I just hope it was the right one…

I had a kit when I was a kid and just used one of my first dolls as a template…since I am trying to use up what I have and scraps, I did sort of just wing it! I use them for book marks and tags for RAK or swap extras.

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I love each of these projects and the shared inspiration behind them. Those little kimono dolls are so sweet!

I love that you called out your inspiration. They are all fantastic and sure to inspire others.
PS. The faux stamp of the girl with the metallic sun behind her is phenomenal. Do you know who the artist is?

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I love the kimono dolls!


The artist is Nikolas Tower…she is quite talented and all of stuff has a magical feeling to them…

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Thanks! I am going to check them out. Beautiful work.


Everything is so wonderful but those kimono dolls are just the sweetest.

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Wow! So much awesome in one post! I love the touch of Japan in these things. Just beautiful.

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Thanks for noticing…I am using the last book my mother was reading before her passing…I saved the bookplate with her name on it but I am using up the pages. Thank you.

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Oh the little dolls! How wonderful.

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Hello lovely, nice to see your post and beautiful work. The mini books and tags especially… I’m going to check out the original thread.

Is there a gallery for that swap? I’ve looked through the original thread and the swap-gallery tag but cant find it.