So now what?

I’ve been making masks, resulting in a pile of scraps. I cut the larger bits into rectangles and sewed them together; this is about 20" long so far:

I was going to toss the little bits, but sewed them to a backing instead. This is about a foot square. I think it will look better after a tour of the washing machine:

Now what? What do you make with odd pieces of cobbled together scraps?


Placemats or a nice long table runner? It’d be so cheerful! :slight_smile:

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Zip pouches?

I think the bottom one would look cool as a pillow cover! Love it!!!


Neat ideas! The itty bitty scrap one should be soft after washing, be great for a pillow!

Great ideas. I really like the bottom one. Did you just sew them down the middle of each piece?

Yes. Larger pieces I sewed on lengthwise (1.5" wide, 3 -4" long; I call them “fins”); smaller bits (1/2" wide x 2" long or so, " fringe") were sewn on crosswise. Stitch lines are 1/2" -1" apart so the backing muslin is hidden.

Here’s what they look like after washing; the one I posted earlier is on the right, a random mix of fins and fringe.

The one on the left alternates a row of fins with a row of fringe in two strips, with flat stitched patchwork in between:

I reworked the patchwork, too, adding more colors and smaller pieces.

The alternating rows gave better coverage and a more even surface.
Areas of all fins tend to fold together and show the back of the fabric.
The flat sewn patches let the muslin show. :frowning:
The colors are too bright and clashy for me. I was going to make couch pillows, but I wouldn’t want to look at this every day.
I’ll stick these in the cupboard and maybe find a use later. Tea dying them might make them less intense.
I think I might try a new version, limiting the colors. Because , you know, scraps happen.

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