Soda Can Skirt

A skirt for my daughter. She has a habit of seeing fabrics she likes at my house and saying, “Oooo I really like THAT one.” (hint hint)

I spent a long time trying out different pleating arrangements. This one shows off the soda cans, but I do not love how they line up in pairs. I do love the waistband.

Self drafted pleated skirt pattern with side pockets and the opening built into the pocket.

The fabric is called Lemon Crush and it’s from Alexander Henry.


I adore this! Very nicely done.

Cheerful and cute! Great job

This is adorable!

Excellent! I spy pockets and the waistband is perfection.

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That waistband! If I was your daughter, I’d probably raid your fabrics too.

I think it looms amazing. The wasteband is fantastic. And you gave her pockets. Major mama points!

I didn’t notice the pairs until you pointed it out. I don’t think they’ll be noticeable once it’s in use and not in its pristine state.

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Ahhhh! So cute! :heart_eyes: