Some cards while we wait

Last week, while working on the “take a bite” challenge, I had some time while waiting for paint to dry. And I also had paint already out on the palette :grinning:
So my daughter and i got some paper and started playing with the colors we had.
I made one big card and 4 smaller cards and my daughter made one.
One of the smaller ones has already been used as a happy birthday card.

Small cards:

My bigger one:

My daughter’s card:


All lovely! The negative-space hearts are especially awesome.

Fun! Some of my favorite things have been a result of just using up extra paint. :heart:

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Using up the extra paint …. Genius! I love how you did this with your daughter.

I love that you and your kiddo made use of the extra paint! And it’s so cool that you’ve already used one of the cards!

Cute. It looks like you are both in a Summer mood!

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Very nice colours

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