Some October Junk/Art Journal Pages (Okay, A Lot)

Creative journaling seems to be my craft of the month. I broke the seal on my Nancy Drew junk journal with some happy/swap mail salvages:

My first pocket and journaling card! This page is to commemorate my first major outing since last spring, to Harvest Days at a local museum. It was a lot of fun but also involved my locking my keys in the car in the parking garage and stepping off a curb :roll_eyes: such that shortly afterward I bought a box of extra large bandages and my mom signed me up for AAA :woman_facepalming:t2:.

The back of the card, yet to be journaled. I didn’t really have much ephemera from the event – just the sticker and a year-round brochure for the Halloween decorated house we toured – but the fabulous envelope art @bluebird sent me in the Happy Mail Craftalong fit the theme nicely.

And a coffee-run themed one from my post-oil change Starbucks trip.

But wait, there’s more! Playing with markers in my regular art journal has been a great destresser lately. It’s funny how the journaling spots always just seem to materialize.


And finally, a previously made background that I painted out under the influence of Alisa Burke. I turned the journal sideways because I didn’t like the idea of the seam running through letters.

Thanks for reading my novel looking. (Seriously, though, you can probably count this toward your Goodreads challenge.)


This is fantastic and would definitely keep me more engaged than a boring old journal

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These pages are great! And I really liked hearing the stories behind them! I hope you’ll share your November pages with us, too. And I hope your bandaged owies are healing.

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Thanks for sharing your journal pages. I love all the messages and bits that you included. The “THRIVE” pages may be my favorite; I actually love that they are oriented sideways.

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Thanks, everyone!

I’ve always struggled with traditional journaling, but I am finding this kind of thing to be more sustainable for me. The junk journaling in particular is such a low barrier for both crafting and journaling that I’m hoping it’ll stick – no pun intended.

Well, I tend to go through crafty phases, so I may suddenly abandon journaling until spring (just kidding, kind of). These all happened to be made in October, so that seemed as good a way as any to individualize the title a bit for future forum search results :laughing: .