Some Punny Oceanic Woven Notecards for Nursing Homes

Last week my kids and I were relaxed a bit and remiss in making our weekly set of notecards for nursing homes. We received a thoughtful thank you card from one of the homes the end of last week where they commented on how much the residents like these. Then, a few days later, we received another thank you from the same nursing home thanking us for our continued notecards.

Today I decided to get into my scraps and make a woven background for my cards. It took me a little while to finally get the hang of the best way to weave and tape (I used a paper backed double sided tape because it’s stronger than a glue stick for this), but by card #4 I was doing pretty well.

Many years ago I bought a set of children’s encyclopedias, but the kids never looked through them and they live on a back shelf. I use them occasionally when I paper craft now. So, I pulled out the Ocean book, and found some large ocean animals, cut them out and glued them on.

Then, I used my white gel pen to draw speech bubbles and my friend Google to help me come up with puns that relate to the animal on the card.

These cards are 5"x7" and are now about the thickness of craft foam. Each card took me about 25 min to make.

My favorites are the top left and top right. I love that top left fish! My favorite weaving combo is the middle left.

Thanks for looking!


These are such a delight! I know the nursing home residents will love them. :heart:

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They are such fun!!! I like all the woven backgrounds!! So cool!!!

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These are awesome! I love the little speech bubbles and the handwriting is excellent!


so much fun! and what a good idea about using children encyclopedias. Another thing to put on my list to look for whenever I go thrift store shopping again!


I bought mine at Books A Million bargain area! I used them for your space book I made you for the Christmas swap!

These are so nice! What fun cards.

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I truly love a good pun! And, the woven background is so cool! I try to pick up random children’s fact books at the thrift store, but it hadn’t occurred to me to grab a whole set! I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for them. I do have a way out of date set of science encyclopedias in my classroom (bought at a yard sale). I think they will become future paper crafting fodder, as well!

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These are so fun!

At first I thought that you were writing in them for some of the residents but rather are you gifting them blank for them to use?

I’m not 100% sure how they are passed out. Half the nursing homes have us send them to their activities department, and I’m not sure if they pass them to individual residents or if they go to a common area, but long story short, they are gifted and written on to the residents.

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These have a boatload of charm! No wonder they’re so thankful to receive your cards.