Some Summer ATCs

Eep, I’m losing track of which ATCs I’ve put in their own topic so far! Forgive me if some of these are duplicates.

Here are a bunch I made for swaps, both official and private:

Postage Stamps:

Make Up a Movie Poster:

Three Eeveelutions:

Hot Air Balloon:

Washington Wildlife:

Dangerous Enchanted Forest:

Machinarium Robot:

Fairies with Unusual Wings:

And some I made for ME!


Including altered Pokémon cards:

Words that Are Fun to Say (Bulbous Bouffant!):


I love the different styles of these - they’re all great!

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The movie poster one lives with me! Thanks! I really love the stained glass look of the hot air balloon one, too.

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Excellent work as always, @roler!

And that one lives with me!


These are great! I love the hot air balloon, the applin card, and the movie poster the best!

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You’ve been quite busy making a bunch of great ATCs!

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How wonderfully different each one is!! Great Job!

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These are so much fun! I especially like the altered Pokemon cards. Those are so neat! The Machinarium robot is awesome and I love the string for arms & legs. Great expression too. The hot air balloon is cool with the different images and, again, I love the string.