Sonic replacement "stickers"

I bought a Sonic the Hedgehog micro building block set, but, the eye and mouth stickers were missing, so, I handmade replacement “decals” out of paper, white glue, and permanent marker so Sonic can see and run his mouth again! :grin:


Nice one! You did a great job with this, it looks better than stickers!

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Awesome! Great save for a cool build!

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Wow! A seamless fix!

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He’s perfect!

Good to see you again, Mark!

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Sonic looks good! So much better with eyes and mouth :orange_heart:

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Wow, nice save on it! Is this going on display at the library? It totally should with a little note that says how you handmade the replacements.

Yes, Sonic will probably go on display in the library the next time I swap it out, but, I don’t think I’ll say anything about my handmade stickers. Here’s the current arrangement:


looks great, exactly like the real stickers, I cant tell the difference

I love this. My son would go crazy