Soot sprite cupcakes

I made these soot sprite cupcakes for a virtual baby shower.

The soot sprites are Oreo “truffles” made with crushed Oreos and cream cheese coated in chocolate and rolled in black sprinkles.
I used this lemon cupcake recipe but had to really alter the lemon cream cheese frosting.

And I made 4 with just sprinkles


They are really cute and I love lemon flavored things!

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Aw, those are fun! Is the mother-to-be a Miyazaki fan or was it to represent yourself? Or both?

They were for @PerfectlyBohemian who lives near me and the baby’s room will be in a Spirited Away theme!


They look even better close up! So clever!

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Whaaaat? That’s so cool that you live close together and a Spirited Away bedroom sounds wonderful. Magical, even.

My son has a poster of Kiki’s Delivery Service in his bedroom. It’s his favorite.

When I moved out to Denver fourteen years ago, I met a fab lady through Cster that introduced me to her other fab friends and that’s how I have friends. All because of that site. Sure, I’ve met more people since then, but moving to a new city ten hours away… it was good to have like-minded people.


PerfectlyBohemian attended my very first local craft meetup I hosted almost 9 years ago and that’s how we met. she introduced me to craftster! We have several local crafters that are members.


These are so cute!

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Those are adorable!

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Aww, they’re so cute! What a great idea!

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These are so awesome! Wish I could eat one! :laughing:

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These are too cute!!! :blush: :black_heart:

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Super cute and the look yummy!

These are too cute for words!