Sorting Hat Thank You Notes

Recently, I had reason to send a couple of thank you notes to a couple of Harry Potter loverswho collaborated on doing me a kindness, so I decided to try to make some sorting hat svg files for my Cricut Explore.

And it worked!

It was quite a challenge to get two shades of brown that worked from stash since the local sources for open stock paper are closed for the pandemic and buying online is difficult for close colors and takes time. But I think that worked, too!

And then my “classic” sliding-into-the-envelope shot!


Those are utterly perfect!

From stash? So excellent! And the envelops are great too.

ha ha I think I better watch some HP…at first I thought it was angry poo…ooops!

Is there anything you can’t do with your cutting machine?


Thanks friends! I haven’t read the books or seen the movies, so for colors I was going on images turned up in an internet search!

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So glad you posted your magical cards. They came out perfect!

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Love your cards! The colors look perfect to me.

Love my card! It’s on my fridge, cheering up the house. Sometimes I swear I hear it muttering about ‘unity in dark times’…

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These are fantastic!!

But hahahaha. “Angry poo.” :smile:

FYI, in case you feel like checking them out… During the pandemic JK Rowling has made the first book available on many platforms for free. She’s given blanket premission for teachers who were reading it to their classes to do so via Youtube, etc. Audible is letting everyone listen to the Stephen Fry version of the audio book (the UK version, US normally only gets Jim Dale) for free, and libraries are letting everyone take out the first book on kindle, with no ‘waiting’. So if the library normally only has 5 digital copies, right now they are letting everyone who wants to take it out, do so. I’ve been listening to the Fry version of the audio book as I sew masks and work on my swap packages.

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Hmmmm, for some reason going with audio books didn’t occur to me! That might be the way for me to tackle them!

Bahahaaaa! Right? After I had them put together, I wished I had figured out a way to get more color in before I’d sized and assembled and made the envelopes. If I make more, perhaps I will. In fact, typing this out has popped an idea into my head. Maybe I’ll remember it!

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