Source for oval landscape hoops?

I am looking for some wood embroidery hoops, oval, landscape orientation, 6” across & larger. (So, not a christmas tree ornament size - wall hanging size)

Anyone have a good source? I have of course already checked Amazon, Joann, & Michaels but want good sources of quality hoops. So much of what I find is so cheap, the hoops don’t even touch in many places!

I can’t vouch for the quality, but they do have them on AliExpress, in lots of sizes

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I will check, thanks!

I got these on Amazon and like them

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Thanks, I saw those & was wondering!

I have bought larger ones (12 inch, 18 inch) at quilting stores.

Do they all have the large block of wood for the … connector/tightener thingee? All of the quilting hoops that I’ve seen have been like that and I’d rather not deal with that big block of wood on the hoop when it’s for a display item, not a working hoop.

Yeah they do. I usually cover them up with charms or somehow work it in with the design. I would love to find bigger ones without that wood block.

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