Sources you like for fiber sample packs

Have you purchased just an ounce or less of a particular spinnable fiber (undyed, solid, or mixed color) from any sources you’d recommend?

My fiber arts group processes the wool from one flock of heritage-breed sheep, but our members who are new to spinning and felting want to try out different types of fiber. It would also be a good educational tool to have a variety of fibers on hand that people could see and touch.

I’ve ordered good samples in the past but those vendors don’t appear to be offering sample-sized options anymore. Any spinnable fiber goes, plant, animal, or otherwise. Thanks!

No recs, but the MD Sheep & Wool festival has a virtual marketplace that might be worth checking:

ETA: is this the kind of thing you’re looking for?

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mohairandmore on etsy will sell some merino by the ounce. I don’t know of any that sell a variety of different fibers for that small amount. Most have a minimum amount you need to buy. Etsy has some sellers that sell breed samplers and plant fiber/ man made fiber samplers that would have an ounce or less of each type, but you would have to buy the whole sampler. HearthsideFibers on etsy has both wool and plant fiber samplers that has 25g of each. I haven’t got around to ordering from them though.

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