Sourcing bulk/upholstery foam?

I’ve been trying to get 4" or greater thickness foam for a few projects I’d like to do, but I’m having a really hard time finding any. If you do projects with foam, what’re your preferred ways to source it?

I know big fabric stores carry it but it’s expensive and I don’t have a store like that anywhere near me. Has anyone tried ordering from a bulk seller online? I also have tried a few upholstery shops but they either don’t carry anything over 2" or they only do in-house upholstery work and don’t sell the materials.

There’s a foam store in the fashion district here. It’s expensive stuff.

How much foam do you need? I have some med/large-ish pieces left over from a project last year I could possibly send you depending on if I have what you need and how much shipping would be. PM me!

It’s always expensive and even more expensive because there has been a shortage (or at least was a couple months ago) because some of the main suppliers of the raw materials for making it are in Texas and when they had that snow/ice and lost power it messed up the foam manufacturing. Plus, it’s tied to oil prices so can go up and down.

Ohh, how interesting! Who knew?

It’s always worth recycling that stuff wherever you can. Economical & eco-nomical!

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