Spare Tire cover

Bunny the Jeep gets a new spare tire cover.
Made of blue marine grade vinyl, nylon cord drawstring + cord stops and grommets for drainage.


WOW! This is soooo cooool! I love that you made your own car-thingie! What color is Bunny to get this pretty blue bunny tail?

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I wanted to paint the Shrek quote, โ€œBetter out than in!โ€ on our camperโ€™s spare tire (to encourage faster vehicles to pass, right?), but we sold it before my husband would agree. He thought people might be offended at being compared to farts.


Wow, looks very sleek and professional!

White. The first spare tire cover I made was also white and lasted six years before needing to be replaced. My custom made seat covers are still in good shape so I can take my time in finding fabric to go with the wheel cover.


Thank You! My husband encouraged me to purchase a new sewing machine mid-project. The new machine has double the power and is very responsive. I kind of want to remake make my last purse.

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A new tire cover AND a new sewing machine!

That is so great! Sewing practical items for yourself is just the best especially when itโ€™s something big, unusual, & impressive. Cool!

This looks super professional. The grommets are so practical!

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Wow! Lucky Bunny!

:peacock: Hot dang! :dolphin: Your spectacular craft is one of this weekโ€™s Featured Projects!

That fits better than the ones you buy at the store! Looks fantastic.


Thatโ€™s great! I look forward to seeing what everyone else makes.