Speakers to shelves

Southwest style furniture was hugely popular for a while back in the '90s. I loved but couldn’t afford it.
Fast forward, it’s cheap and easy to find now in Tucson, and I still like it, so now have several pieces, including two huge speaker boxes:

I finally got around to adding shelves, and now they grace the dining room/game room.

Hubby got onboard helping when I promised him a cereal shelf; they’ll also hold games and pretty glassware.

They were free when I bought this 6’x6’ monstrosity. Surprisingly useful, the pull out videotape shelves hold vitamins, lightbulbs, spraypaint, and more. The TV, though, is too big to fit.


Nice transformation!

We left our entertainment center other older things like speakers when we moved for the junk man to take…I hope someone like you will be able to transform it as nicely…hate to waste good wood to the landfill…

I love the shelves you put in the big speakers…clever repurpose!


This is amazing! The whole southwest look is spot-on. Great transformation!!

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