Special display method of cross stitch

If you have a lovely cross-stitch piece, how would you display it? This question has troubled me for a long time, and in the end, I tried to incorporate it into my handicraft life. It is no longer just a decoration, it is the carrier of my past moments.


Wow! Just lovely! You really have a way with woodworking!

That’s both beautiful and practical!

This is stunning, especially the heart shaped peg holes.

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—much applause— Take a bow!

Every time I finish a piece of work, I feel like it’s the peak of my woodworking skills and it’s hard to make a breakthrough. But then, new inspiration bursts out unexpectedly, solving technical challenges I couldn’t overcome before. It’s a cycle like this!

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Yes, black and white pairing makes the heart shape more prominent


This is such a great way to use cross stitch. I love your idea! It turned out beautifully. :purple_heart: