Spooky Needleminders & Paper Cross Stitch Canvas

I made a couple of stitching friends some paper cross stitch canvas using a die I picked up and my Sizzix Big Shot.


Then I turned some fun and spooky buttons I found into needleminders to go with!

I used my Cricut to cut envelopes to put the whole kit and kaboodle into!



They turned out great! Those needleminders are fantastic.

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These are totally you!

Fantastic buttons! Love how something so simple can be turned into something so handy!

That’s such an awesome gift! Both the thought behind the paper gift, and the absolutely adorable needle minders.

Those buttons were begging to be needleminders!

One of them IS Kittykill’s!

Thanks y’all!

LOL! Figures! The moment I saw your post, I thought of @kittykill!

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YES! I am the proud owner of one of these adorable needleminders! I love mine!

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Too cute!!

Beautiful gift, @TheMistressT! It only makes sense that kittykill received one of them; it is so her!

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I must have some of that paper, that is TOO COOL! The needle minders are such a clever idea too, I will have to rummage my button collection for likely subjects, hmm…

Thanks y’all!

@Magpie, I believe the die to make that paper is from Altenew; I’ll try to find out!

Yes, I verified that the brand is Altenew. I think it came from scrapbook.com, but that part I can’t verify.

The needle minders are adorable. Such unique buttons!

I’ve never seen paper cross stitch before. Is it any different use wise than the cloth?

Such great gifts :smiley: and paper cross stitch paper? Ok, thinking about it I might have seen it before, and for some reason I wonder if I bought it XD but I don’t have the awesome buttons so it’s not as awesome anyway XD Both sets look great, wonderful gifts

Thank you, friends!

@FrizzyTyger I just did my first one and it’s more delicate than cloth. I used cardstock, but not the heaviest cardstock I have. I think I will try the die on a heavier one to see if it will cut and then how it is to stitch. Another difference for me is that I pretty much always use a hoop or q-snap and of course could not with the paper. I did find the opacity of the paper helpful in that I went ahead and bridged some stitches and the rigidity meant I didn’t feel bad about some knots. However, knots were not really necessary since the pierced holes had more friction than the woven holds in aida, so gripped the thread a bit more.

I can’t wait to see more stitched papercrafts from your experiments with the paper cross stitch canvas :slight_smile:

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