Spring Birthday Mini Gift Bags

We’ve two family birthdays on the same day at the end of April - one on my side, one on TheMisterT’s. Both will be given something small enough to fit in these little mini gift bags that I had the SVG file for in my digital stash.

The one on the left is for an almost-18-year old and the right for an almost-seventymumble-year old.

The yellow one is for a gift card, so I made a little envelope for it out of the same embossed cardstock.

The embellishments are attached with foam adhesive, so they stand out a little. All the materials are from stash.


Cute! I love how even your packaging is personalized, each fitting the vibe of the recipient.

Awww, thanks! I enjoy doing it and even though it takes WAY longer than just wrapping with premade things, I accept that they may end up just getting recycled.

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How fun! What a great way to dress up a gift card or tiny gifts…though, upon further reflection, I suppose if a gift card can fit, the gift doesn’t have to necessarily be tiny, just small.

Love them, the yellow one especially. Did you somehow put a wire into the handle…? Or was it already wired?

Thanks, pals!

Yes! The other one is for earrings, I think a small jewelry-sized box will fit easily.

It was already wired. I wish I’d had a wired ribbon that would’ve worked for the other - it’s just a little bit better.


These are so cute. I have so much scrapbook paper… I really should follow your lead and make things like this.


Thank you! DO IT!!!

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Cute little bags, and I always love to dress up a gift card with something homemade.

Thanks. For some reason a gift card feels more like a gift when it’s not just inside the envelope with the card.

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Anything with anything that looks like pompoms is a winner in my book, those are great!

Bahahahaaa! Thanks!