Spring Quilling

I’ve really taken quite a liking to quilling lately. There is something so intriguing about huge amounts of rolled up pieces of paper glued into an intricate design!

This time I wanted to make something celebrating the upcoming season—Spring. I love this particular piece because it is versatile enough to be framed, glued to the front of a greeting card or just mixed in with all of the rest of my Spring décor just the way it is!


It’s a beautiful piece!

I did a lot of quilling in the late 1980’s. Perhaps I should pick it back up.

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Wow! Quilling is such an amazing skill. This is so cleanly done and looks amazing. I love your lettering in the center, too! Beautifully happy piece!

Thank you! It’s always hard to find time, but once I get started on quilling it’s easy to finally relax. I can’t wait to make more! !

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Thank you! I hope to add more quilling projects to my blog soon!


Beautiful! I love the look of quilling but have only attempted it once. I don’t think I have the patience!

Oh this is delightful!

Very pretty! Perfect for the season.

Beautiful. I’m always in awe of quilling because glue and me do not coexist easily. Or maybe glue coexists to well with my fingers! My only attempt at quilling became me covered with strips of paper. So wow, beautiful work.

Oh, wow! I totally had a season of quilling. This inspires me to do it again!

This piece makes me smile, thanks.

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I made some projects years ago - probably like 15 years ago now? - and it was a fun craft. There’s a low barrier to entry if you want to try it. You don’t need a lot of tools to get started and there are starter kits that are available to get going.