Spring rolls

When I was in high school, my dad liked to “experiment” with making different kinds of foods.
I inherited his love of making food, because I love branching out and trying new things.
Tonight was spring rolls!
Dad made these when I was in high school, and straight cussed the whole time he was making. At the time, I guess he made it look so easy, so I didn’t understand why he was getting mad and cussing.


The first and second picture is the printed recipe with my “adjustments” to appease my seafood-hating husband. You can find the unadulterated version of the recipe here: https://altonbrown.com/recipes/thai-shrimp-spring-rolls/

I had so much fun making these, even though I legit cussed the whole time :rofl::rofl::rofl:


They look pretty good!

I make these all the time. I love the Thai peanut sauce that is used for dipping…I do use the shrimp since that is the part my husband likes the best.

Hey, at least you can eat them even if they aren’t perfect…they taste yummy!

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How adventurous! Now you are making it look easy!

Those are lovely! I’d like them with shrimp or a bit of chicken, too.

But they’re not Spring rolls, which are fried; they’re Summer rolls, light and fresh.

They look tasty!!

I had no idea!! Wow, thank you!