Spring Swap Idea

Spring Swap

The time is almost here! Spring will be here before you know it.
If we started soon, we could have packages arrive right as Spring is starting - March 20th for the western hemisphere.
Would anyone be up for a Spring swap? Think rainbows, bunnies, flowers, and happiness!
I was thinking one medium crafted item and 1 small crafted or store-bought extra.


Cute idea!

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I think it might be too early for people to be excited for Spring. Maybe later.

I am so down for spring. Bring it on!!!

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I had so much fun crafting a box of sunshine for the Box of Color swap and this would be so similar. Nice, happy, brightness to brighten these dreary and cold winter days.
I’d be in!

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I think I will wait until we are a bit closer to Spring to see if we can get more interest.

Love this idea!

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I’m totally excited for spring!!! I noticed a few weeks ago when the days started getting longer…now at 5pm we still have light woohoo. I have started buying flower pots and such for the garden areas and prepping for the houseplants that will need new larger pots.
February is generally the coldest nastiest month here, thankfully the shortest! Winter can rage on until Mothers day here which is never fun. But, eventually spring will come

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Hi everyone. I said I would host another Crytpo swap around this time and don’t want to get overwhelmed. If anyone wants to start this swap, feel free to do so!