Sprirographic design - foamy eva rubber glasses holder

1- realicé los diseños usando un espirógrafo y dibujando con marcador permanente sobre goma eva.
2- Corté los portalentes en dos modelos distintos. El anaranjado lo cosí a mano. Para el rojo usé pegamento, y velcro auto adhesivo.
1- I made the designs using a spirograph and drawing with permanent marker on EVA foam.
2- I cut the lens holders into two different models. I sewed the orange one by hand. For the red one I used glue, and self-adhesive velcro.


The orange one is super cute. Would never have thought to use a spirograph to decorate this type of project. Brilliant!


A Spirograph! Genius!!

Thank you

Very cool and lovely results!

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So neat!

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What a clever and useful use of the foam! Beautiful, too, with the designs!

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What a cool use for that foam! The spirograph is so cute on them.

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Another grand project from you!

Thank You