Squishmallow stuffing?

I saw this recommended but there aren’t any Joanne’s here so before I go searching for that stuff in Canada, has anybody used it? Or have another recommendation for that uber squishy filling like a mallow stuffy? There’s a free koala pattern here I’m thinking about making for my girl.

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That stuff sounds cool; I want to make a new bed pillow that won’t go flat.
I found the 16 ounce size on walmart.com for $10, ordered two, plus enough fabric and craft supplies to get free shipping. Yay.

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I’ve used the cluster fill before. For what it’s worth, it behaved exactly like regular poly fill for me. It seem any more squishy. Have you considered picking up an actual Squishmallow on clearance and sacrificing it to the crafting gods?


I think my daughter might disown me! I’ll see if I can sneak it…

This popped up for some reason.

I did make a bed pillow from this stuffing, and it is lovely and soft and squishy.
It does flatten out, though, and I have to punch it up at least once a night.
It washes really well.

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Hobby Lobby sells what I think is a similar product. It is called cluster stuff. I have gone to using it almost exclusively in my plushies. I like the way it feels and that I have to work really hard (read stupid) to make hard lumps. I find it harder to get into the plushies. But I think it is probably faster given the amount of time I have to spend pulling the traditional polyfil apart and fluffing it before I can use it.

Thanks for the name of that stuffing stuff! Hobby Lobby doesn’t exist in Canada & I think that’s a place I’d boycott anyhow for their hateful public stance on the lqbtq community. Maybe it’s available online from another vendor tho, I’ll search.