Stacked Felt Circle Cat Toys

On TheMisterT’s side of the family we have some nephling cats, some cousin cats, and even some sibling cats. We send them presents at Christmas and this year I made them these.


I saw something similar while online, but I don’t remember where or by whom. They are craft felt, corrugated cardboard, embroidery floss, buttons, and bells. Oh and a little dab of textile glue on the floss knots under the buttons and bells.

I used my Sizzix Big Shot and a Bigz die to cut all the 2" (5+ cm) circles and used all stash. I’m putting together another type of toy to go with that I will add pics of when they are done - I do need to buy 'nip for those. :heart_eyes_cat:


Cute! I bet the cats love the bells.


Hopefully they won’t drive their people nuts!

These are fantastic! Oyster would go nuts. I may have to try making one!



Jingle all the way, Oyster! No one likes a half-ass jingler.


Fun!!! This would be perfect for scrap busting and kids project. They could make a bunch and take them to shelters for the kitties.


That would be so great! Kids old enough to deal with the needle could kick butt at this!


What an awesome, simple, fun holiday gift!

Thanks, y’all!

Love the colorful ness!

Those are so fun!!

Thanks so much!

Congrats! Your Stacked Felt Circle Cat Toys are one of this week’s featured projects. You are amazing!

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WHA!? Thank you!

They are so lovely!

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