Stacked Tree Christmas Card

Every year I make Christmas card sets A, B, and C. Card A goes to people who know us well enough to “get” whatever the theme / in-joke of the year is. Card B is for my online book club, and card C is for anyone else. This was card B last year.

I did not design this, but I did make create the cutting file from the printable. The designer’s name is Lino Efrem Xavier Gomes. He does give out the file if you message him on FB, but it can take awhile for him to respond.

These took me about 15 minutes each to assemble, NOT including the time to cut the many pieces.

They fold flat for mailing. I made them with a base that fit over the flame part of a battery tealight.


I want to join your book club! Those cards are spectacular!

These are beautiful! Talk about a next-level Christmas card! :star_struck:

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This was one of those instances when a card is also a lovely gift.

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Those are so lovely! What a treasure!

Wow, very impressive!

Oh wow! What did A list people receive?

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@Cindy Group A got something less elaborate this year. My husband was working from home on our personal computer, which severely restricted my access to my design software, the printer, and the Cameo.

It’s supposed to look like a window in a wall. The blue curtains are adhesive flocked paper meant to line jewelry boxes.

Closed, you’re looking IN the window.

Open, you’re looking OUT the window.

It stands up.


That’s great! More personalized, who cares if it’s less elaborate.

They remind me of icing or cookies. Very pretty!