Stained glass succulent gift

So I have no ideas when it comes to gits for my 18 yr old stepdaughter. I ended up making a stained glass succulent piece. these aren’t the best pictures but I just finished in time to get some shots of it before the sun goes down. I used two layers of glass with the succulent sitting on top of a clear iridescent sheet, all done with copper-colored solder lines.
I am very nervous about this mostly because I haven’t been at all creative this year.


It’s beautiful! Some of the layout details are really great, like the rounded corners of the background and the way a couple of the “leaves” sneak past the border.

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It is just gorgeous. My dad was a very talented glass artist so I have seen a lot of really beautiful pieces and can honestly say, I would be so happy to display this in my home. It’s lovely, well done you!

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This is amazing!!

Very pretty!

this is so pretty!! I like the idea of layering the glass instead of cutting it all outa s 1 piece. Is it heavy?

Its a bit heavy, not the heaviest one I have made so far. but Its for sure going to need a storng way to hold it up.

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thanks. Teens are so hard to shop for, and this year we are kind of doing hand made stuff as gifts. which was weirdly unintended. but I’m glad we have made it here.

It is stunning. I love how the leaves extend beyond the frame a bit.

Oh my goodness. This is just so gorgeous. I bet it is even more beautiful in real life.

ohmigawush, how gorgeous this is. The greens are so vibrant. congrats on a fantastic gift

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That’s gorgeous!

Absolutely LOVELY! Succulents are just pretty in general, and this is beautifully rendered.


Beautiful! Would never have thought this was a doable project!!

CONGRATULATIONS! This has been chosen as one of this week’s Featured Projects.


This is so pretty. I am sure your daughter in law loved it.

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Wow, this is beautiful!

I love the way one bleeds off the edge. And who doesn’t love a succulent that will never die? Thanks for sharing!

This is really beautiful! I used to do a lot of stained glass work and want to get back into it again. Love the succulent design!