Star Box Card

Our niece is going on a retreat with her high school and part of their tradition is being surprised by letters of love, support, encouragement from family and close friends. So TheMisterT and I both decided to send one. Of course, I decided to write mine on the back of a box card!

The body is white cardstock. The details are in white glitter paper and this blue/purple iridescent paper.

As all box cards, it folds flat to fit in the envelope the file for which was included with the card files. Available from as a special freebie sometime last year.

I used the “waste” starts for decorating the envelope. There’s one on the back to as a seal.


All from stash! We had a time crunch, so I’m extra glad for that stash today!


That is lovely… yay for stash!

What an awesome card! I’m sure her face will light up when she opens it!

What a special letter! She’ll love it; it’s awesome.

Thanks, friends!

A nice thing about this particular file is that the back is unadorned so I was able to write a decent little note.

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That’s great!!

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Another awesome card box! That will be a special surprise!

Thanks, pals!

She will be the envy of all of her friends. Coolest. Aunt. Ever.

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HAHA! Well, far from the coolest aunt, but I am the aunt that gives the best cards. No doubt about it! :wink:

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How sweet! That iridescent paper just makes it so perfect!

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That’s so cool! I am a HUGE star fan. Love the iridescent papers too.

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Thanks y’all!