Star spawn + progress pics

So for my original resin creatures I first sketch out my idea, then I sculpt it in sculpey clay.

Then I gloss the sculpted piece in a glaze (I use sculpey glaze) to make the mold shiny so the end result will be shiney. I literally could not find a single bit of info anywhere on how to make your resin pieces shiny other than varnishing them once they’re cured so I figured If I gloss it before I make the mold then the mold will make shiny resin pieces. I think the glaze works better than just varnish because it’s thicker and smoothes out any imperfections. Before you do the mold, make sure to spray the piece in mold release.

I get my molding suplies from Brick in the Yard. I tried ones from michaels but they were all awful. Don’t buy those!!! The Brick in the Yard ones are fool-proof as long as you spray the original with mold release. For smaller pieces I make a boarder with hot glue. Lol. For bigger pieces I use tupperware.

Then, once we have a mold, I put my layers of resin in.

Once it’s cured, I use a dremel to smooth the edges on the back so that it’s even and also feels nice on the skin when you wear it. Make sure to wear gloves and a respirator when working with resin! I heard that getting resin repeatedly on your skin or breathing it in too much will make you ridiculously allergic. Of course, wear the respirator and eye protection when doing dremeling. You don’t want any of that in your eyes or lungs.

Lol I got this dremel off amazon for $20. It’s not as daunting as it appears. And now I have power tools!

For this Star Spawn I also added some goop. :stuck_out_tongue:


You are so cool. Seriously.

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Lol thank you so much!! I hope this gives people ideas.

I love the experienced maker tips: of glossing the mold first. using a dremel. and ALWAYS PPE.

I will have to slowly gather supplies. THANK YOU for the tutorial! and the fun selfie! this is great! i would double heart you if i could!

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That is so so cool! Thank you for sharing your process :heart:

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Very cool!

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Thanks for sharing your process and tips for working with resin. I learned something cool today! :smiley:


Awesome!! Thanks for walking us through!! Lol. You’re having way too much fun with that dremel! :laughing:


Love your star spawn! Thanks for showing us how to do this!

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