Star Wars Babies ATCs


Pushing my ATC skills… this series should go in the mail tomorrow.


They are so cute…they remind me of those PopArt dolls. My favorite is the grumpy baby Yoda!


What a great job! They are all really terrific; I love the princess!

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Awesome set, @LindaP! I’m partial to Han Solo but they are all adorable.

awww. These are super cute!

These are so sweet!

My favorite is the baby yoda standing next to the sun. He has the big sweet eyes, the little nose, and I really like the little stick hairs on his head. I think that’s the most endearing part for me. Is the sun a paper punch?

I love them all!!! They are all so cute!

Irid3sc3nt it is all watercolor… Thank you for the kind words. The outline still shows… that makes it look a little 3D…

I like the Child with the sun behind him. It’s stylized in a really cool way.