Star Wars Felt Ornaments

I made these for a friend of mine for Christmas. They’re just simple shapes cut out of felt and glued together, but she got SO excited when she opened them, it was adorable. :slight_smile: I’m already planning more for next year, and a Millennium Falcon bag to keep them in!


They are super cute. I’d be excited to get them too!

super cute! i love that feeling of giving something that made you happy to make. i look forward to seeing the next year’s additions as well.

These are super adorable :slight_smile:

My family would love these! Now I wanna see the MF!


These ornaments are outta this world! Leia’s blaster…:laughing:

Receiving handmade stuff is great, especially if it’s in the shape of something you love :smiley: And a Millennium Falcon bag!!! Great plan!

SQUEEEEE!!! BB8 is the cutest! You did a fantastic job!!

Great detail for such small items, nicely done!

Love, love, love these!!