Starry Fabric-Embellished Dog Collars

@Bunny1kenobi has two adorable dogs that I couldn’t resist making something for.

Funny story…Last year, I ordered some buckles, sliders, and dog collar hardware kits for several projects. I only meant to order one kit for a dog collar, to make something cute for my dog (he loves new accessories, being a diva marshmallow of a poodle). I accidentally ordered a pack of 10 collar kits. So, I have a few of these in my stash. :joy:

I followed this tutorial to make the collars. They are so easy to make, and go together in just a few minutes.


I’m so excited to have these beautiful collars! They are both in need of a new one, so the timing could not have been better!

Also interesting side note: their dog beds have stars on them as well!


What a happy accident on the extra hardware! These are adorable. They turned out great and very professional looking.
PS. I love stars so extra cool points for those.


These are so cheery! Those stars are so upbeat and the perfect scale for dog collars!