Starry Night Teapot Box Card

I really like putting together these little teapot box cards and I had reason to send someone a little token in the mail, so I decided to switch up the papers to something less chintzy/floral.

I am rather smitten with the dreamy and dramatic vibe of the dark blue and gold… plus STARS!

And the classic folded-into-the-envelope shot!

I used files from and my Cricut Explore to make this card.


Your cards are like little surprises in an envelope! Even the envelope is nice and happy…beautiful paper…each one is so thought out and cohesive…I love this one in theme and color!

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I love this one. It is so sweet.

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Thanks, ladies!

Love your pop up/pop out cards! This one is very cool!

This is SO cool!
I know just where it’s going too. I predict it’s gonna make somebody pretty darned happy.


Thanks, pals! @Magpie It was gladly received today/

This is so lovely my friend! I love the simplicity of the color palette, and the dimension of the little added stars. Stellar! :star2:

Thank you!

I see what you did there.