Stash Baskets

I really enjoy making these baskets! Some were gifts, and I use the ones Iโ€™ve kept to store various craft supplies. (These ones were made from 2020 - 2022.)

Pattern: Stash Basket (theyโ€™re inspired by this pattern - I didnโ€™t follow it exactly)
Hook: usually between H (5.0 mm) & K (6.5 mm), whatever is needed to make a stiff basket
Yarn: worsted weight acrylic yarn with 2 strands held together, usually Red Heart Super Saver or something similar

(Red Heart Super Saver, Light Raspberry, 2.4 skeins)

(the blue is mystery yarn from a thrift store thatโ€™s been in my stash since I started learning to crochet & the white is Red Heart Super Saver, White)

(Mainstays Purple & Black)

For these two, I tried something new and added a pattern to the basket sides. Both use the same yarn inspired by University of Michigan colors, maize & blue:

  • Blue: Red Heart Super Saver, Royal & Soft Navy
  • Maize: Red Heart Super Saver, Bright Yellow & Saffron

This one uses the eyelash stitch (video here):

From the top:

As a work-in-progress:

For this one, I wanted to see what would happen if I did the eyelash stitch differently & it made a zigzag:


All fabulous. Those last ones are really over the top amazing, beautiful work!

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Very cool baskets/bags!

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These look like they are so practical - a good size and collapsible when not it use, but also so attractive to sit around holding WIPS!

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Crochet escapes meโ€ฆ these look great!

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Sounds like this post topic is TOTALLY ELIGIBLE for the Peek Behind The Curtain Challenge!
hint hint hint :wink: :wink: :wink:

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Your baskets are so cute! I love the colorwork on the last two.

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Thank you all! :smiley:

Fun, beautiful and functional! These are great. Who canโ€™t use a bit more storage/organization.

These would be great as a gift bag for someone (that you really liked and wanted to spend time making something for.) Iโ€™m going to keep this in mind for future gifting!

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I thought these were totes, but when they are open they look more like baskets. Such a useable craft. Love that you can use them for storage and to spice up a room!


These look sooo handy! The colors are great and they are well made to boot.

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:dove: A little bird told me that youโ€™re fantastic craft is one of this weekโ€™s Featured Projects! Chirp chirp! :peacock:

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Thank you!! :smiley:

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Ha! I recognized those Michigan colors a mile away being from a rival Big10 school, University of Iowa.

Your Stash Baskets look really good and useful. Functional crafts ftw!

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Just gorgeous!
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