Steak Bakes

I regularly meal prep because it just makes my life easier, but living on my own often means several portions going into the freezer until i fancy that again. And if I forget to label - well who knows what I am eating.

My brother and his fiance split towards the end of last year, he didn’t take it so well and when I saw him this one time, he looked so skinny, I thought I would palm off some food to him.

Big mistake!!! Now I cook for Mum & brother - both are perfectly capable but they like some of the dishes I’ve been making.

Anyway, this was an experimental one, can I make steak bakes like they sell in Greggs (well known pasty store here in UK)

The answer is yes, this recipe was my inspiration: Steak Bakes
I didn’t use red wine because Bro doesn’t like it. But they were tasty.

I made some improvements for the 2nd batch and had a wider range of testers. They have been requested again!!


Wow! These sound delicious! I clicked though real quickly and it looks like these are not dissimilar to a pasty or handpie - YUM! Fun Fact: Cornish Pasties are readily available around Montana due to the mining history and so many Cornish miners coming over for the various mining booms.


These are delish and can be flavoured however you want. The recipe mimics the Greggs, but I can see me doing various flavours over the coming months.

I think there are restrictions on using the term ‘pastie’ so I erred on the side of the recipe, but hopefully I wont be beaten by any Cornish folk on here by saying… yes it’s very similar to a pastie. Cornish pasties have “Protected Geographical Identification” meaning that they are not Cornish unless they are prepared in Cornwall!

The things we learn :smiley:


Mmmm…looks delicious!

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Come to think of it, I don’t think that the word “Cornish” shows up on menus or packaging! Maybe sometimes “Cornish-style”?

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These look delicious!

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This sounds (based on the recipe) and looks delicious! What a lucky family you have!

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They look delicious!

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Looks super tasty! I’m passing the recipe to my bread baking man, he loves cooking and I love eating whatever he’s cooking!


Mmmm…savory pastries are one of my favorite dishes!!

:dove: A little bird told me that you’re fantastic craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! Chirp chirp! :peacock:

Oh, How awesome.

Thanks :smiley:

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They look absolutely delicious! I am available to help with taste testing!

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These look delicious!