Steampunk crow picture for a top hat

I’m going to a steampunk wedding later in the year and today I’ve been working on one element of my hat.

@Magpie gave me this fabulous Lazer cut frame and it is perfect. So I painted this gentleman to go in the frame. It’ll eventually be fixed to the hat in this position (although I’m open to suggestion on that) there are long feathers and lace to also be attached to the hat.

He’s painted with acrylics from Photo, directly onto heavy card.


Oh, this is so cool!!! Bet you’ll be one of the best dressed!

With feathers and lace and this in the center, it will be a fabulous hat in the theme!

Beautiful! How about some black lace or net? Maybe as a veil, or laid smooth over the crown to give a richer feel? I know what I mean, not sure I’ve communicated it well.

ETA more complex, more depth, more add-on-everything Victorian style.

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Loving everything about this! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

I think I know what you mean @steiconi there will be a lace ‘train’ at the back of the hat, but I might arrange it as a veil to cover one eye at the front


Oooh, nice! Maybe try a bit over the side and top. There’s a lot of solid red, it would be interesting to break it up a bit.

Wonderful use of that frame! You are going to look so wickedly good. Don’t outshine the wedding party now, Ms. Fabulous :wink:


That’s super cool! I love that the crow is wearing the hat, too. Maybe you could add a plague mask just to make it more meta (and timely)! :rofl:


He is stunning and you are a fabulous artist.

I’m following the development of your costume with extra interest because I like steampunk, my exam piece is going to be steampunk-ish and I’ve become rather fixated on creating a Victorian costume for myself, for steampunk events. I’m struggling to get away from the ubiquitous cogs/gears for my project, so loving that you have managed that for your hat.

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I don’t see a lot of red in steampunk so I’m thrilled you are using it! I came wait to see your final costume!

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Wow!!! I love everything about this!

I’m going with red/black and a bit of white. A kind of crow priestess, with possible unintentional circus/freakshow vibes as I’ll be using a lot of stripes.

I can’t for the life of me lay my hands on the black and red feathers I bought for my hat, but when I do, the hat will be so OTT. Feathers, lace etc.

@TheMistressT a plague mask would be timely, but I find them so creepily disturbing that I’d run a mile.


@GMPNQ I agree with you about the ubiquity of gears. They are good design base, but there needs to be more than that it it looks really clichéd (imho) I’m leaning towards Victorian/Gothic

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One of mg favorite songs is “Just Glue Some Gears On It (and Call It Steampunk)”.

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This is sure to be EPIC! You find those feathers! Be as OTT as possible!

He’s a very handsome little guy.

HAHA! To me they are a cartoon version of creepy, but if I was a bird, I think I would be very creeped out in an uncanny valley way.

That is so funny, mainly because it’s true! Thank you for sharing.

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Oooh! This is so neat! Please post your whole outfit later! I am so jealous.