Steampunk hearts - ART 2020 Q1 Challenge Entry

I played around with my powertex starter kit the other day, using heart shapes as the back.
I made 3 altogether but I’m entering the middle sized one for the competition.
They were done over 2 days as the powertex has to be reasonably dry before the colour is added.

Those are 1cm grid lines so under 3".


Is that stiffened fabric? So interesting looking!

Powertex is a fabric hardener. You cover the fabric with it, scrunch the fabric however you want, add embellishments (the powertex also acts as a glue) and leave to dry, then add colour using either varnish and colour powders or acrylics.

I really like the looks of these. I’ve never used powertex. Something else to add to the list!

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This is really interesting. My friends’ husband is always using fiberglass (as he works with it), but I’ve been hesitant to try it. Powertex seems much more doable.

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Oooh, I’ve never heard of powertex. This is such a unique and intriguing entry!! I must go research this craft now, hehe. I’m so excited you entered! :smiley: I adore a good steampunk craft :grin:

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Those are so cool looking!

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This is so interesting, looks completely different from the origin material. Very cool.

How cool, I love the paint job on them, and I’m so looking forward to when I will be able to try this craft out :smiley:

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