Step-up/Help-up: A Step Stool for the Senior Dog

My baby girl is a senior! As in “senior citizen,” not “graduating senior.” :wink: Unsurprising to those who know us, our dog is allowed on the furniture and she’s been having more trouble getting onto the sofa. Both TheMisterT and I came to the conclusion it might be time for aiding her assent and I figured I had enough scrap lumber and plywood that I received last year when a neighbor downsized to put something together.


While I did have enough of those things, I also had some sturdy drawers that the same neighbor had made, but not used! I tested it out with her and determined it was strong enough to support her and that the proportions would be sturdy and stable for her to climb on.

StepUp00a StepUp00b

I picked up a doormat to give it a slip-resistant surface, some non-skid feet to prevent it sliding and also protect our floors.


I used wood stain and furniture wax we had on hand to dress up the raw wood just a little. I didn’t sand nearly as much as I might have to make it look really nice, but that’s OK. I’m trying to embrace not letting the perfect get in the way of the complete.


For the doormat, I used a Sharpie to mark on the back the size of rectangle I would need. Then I sewed a zigzag stitch twice about a quarter inch inside those lines using heavy-duty thread and a denim needle. After that, I cut just inside the sharpie line and it held up really well! I utilized the finished edge of the mat on the “open” side of the drawer - what would have been the bottom, back of the drawer. It’s attached with silicone sealant/adhesive that I had around.

With the strategic use of treats, she figured it out right quick!


Aww, sweet Delia! Looks like the step is a success!!

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I think so! Thanks!

That drawer seems perfect, not only does she get a nice full sized base, but the mat sits flush with the edges giving it a very nice finish. Great execution all around!

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Yay for easy access to cozy couch time!

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My old lady used a step stool that we received from my friend after her senior cat passed away. My cat used it to snuggle with us on the couch. Now that our cat has passed, our friend needs the step stool back because her young cat is going to have surgery for a mal-formed hip.

I think your step looks great and I’m happy it is helping a four-legged friend in need.


Thanks everyone! A thing that warms my heart is that while I was upstairs she used it all by herself even though she settled on the other end of the sofa! So I think it’s helping her AND she gets it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

:heart: I appreciate that! I am so glad that it was a good size for her and for us and that it looks nice-enough w/o trying too hard.

It’s so funny that withing 20 feet of the sofa she has 3 beds all of which she uses! But couch time is important!

@irid3sc3nt What a nice story of friend helping each other keep their 4-legged family members comfortable and safe! It’s so great that this step stool is being passed back and forth, staying useful for those who need it most!


Looks very nice and it’s wonderful that it is working out as you had hoped.


Handy, dandy fixeroo! Nice project.

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Thanks, friends! :dog: Delia has been using it regularly to get up on the sofa, but so far not so much for getting off of the sofa. I figure she knows what she needs. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s fantastic that you could help out your fur baby. I have steps to all the couch and chair in my living room and for my bed. I placed tubs to help them in other area. I am currently brainstorming a ramp for my CH cat to get off the bed. Love the idea of the floormat with sealant. Might have to give that a try!
PS. Delia is adorable.

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Thank you!

I decided that silicone caulk would be great, because that stuff sticks to just about anything and holds well, but is also undo-able with just a little bit of work if I need to replace that mat in the future.


@gozer If you’re able to paint some steps, you can also mix in sand and it’s supposed to provide a non-slip surface if you don’t have a mat to put in place.

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Nice idea! I would have to think about that Tipsy had CH and tends to fall over a lot. Id hate to sandpaper her face if she faceplanted.

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@gozer that’s a visual! I don’t think it ends up quite that gritty. Just enough to keep them from slipping off. I have one that has had a stroke so he has a rough time with falling as well.

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What a great re-use for a drawer, and it looks great too! :heart: :heart: to lovely Delia!!

Mr Loops bought a little step online for Rosie last year so she could climb onto the sofa in his office, but it turned out to be literally a little step, I don’t think it could have held her weight even if was big enough for her, lol! Ended up just using a toolbox, but she wasn’t very keen on it, a bit too weird, but your carpetted drawer step is much better :slight_smile:

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Aww Delia! I feel like she’s one of the unofficial mascots of LC. The step is perfect and will be endlessly useful, clearly! It looks like it blends well with the floor to not stick out visually too.

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Thanks, you two! I am happy to report that she uses it almost every time she gets on the sofa even if she’s headed to the other end.

Awww, that’s so sweet to hear! She certainly has been the recipient of many of my crafty follies!

@Loop-da-Loop Oh, no with the “little step”! But I bet it was also kind of funny in the moment. I was concerned that Delia would not be too keen on this one, but luckily it was wide and heavy enough no to be tippy when she gets on and off of it. These days she’s arthritic enough that she does better with this than any of the stairs in the house. :smiling_face_with_tear: