Sticks Game

My mom made this game and we love it! I know she didn’t dream it up, and I don’t have any idea who the author is. I do, however, know how easy it is to make, and I’ve made several sets for Christmas gifts this year.

If you’d like to make one, you’ll need 52 popsicle sticks, 6 decks of cards, the rules, and a box to put everything in.

I’m including a list of all the sticks, as well as the rules of the game. I laminated my rules, with a list of the sticks on the other side. You can do it however it works for you! And Costco has boxes of Bicycle playing cards- 12 packages to a box. Hopefully you can download this:

This is what the finished product looks like:


It sounds fun! My mom loves to play games, so maybe I’ll make a set for her. I might have time before Christmas… hopefully!

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What a great family gift!

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Very cool. Thanks for the instructions. It looks fun!

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When I was young, a similar game to this was popular in our small community. Everyone would get together and the adults would play with multiple decks. Very similar, but no sticks. The best part was we got to play in large groups of kids at someone’s house.

It’s called something Rummy, shanghai, combination, contract, frustration, rummy.

What a fun game to share.


Thanks, guys!

This game literally takes about 30 minutes to write all the sticks out. It probably takes longer to buy the cards and box than anything else. :joy:

It is similar in some ways to rummy, actually.

It also seems a little similar to mah jong in some ways!

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