Stitched Notebooks

I made a few stitched notebooks recently using the free templates on this website.

The first one was a rainbow stitch on a longer notebook. I sent this off as a prize in the stitchalong:

I realized too late that the one stitch bottom right is facing the wrong way. :see_no_evil:

I really liked the look of rainbow colors, so I repeated it on a 2nd, smaller notebook. This one was part of the garage sale Mod Package:

Then I had the idea to mix things up a bit and paint the notebook background before stitching. The Box of Color swap was the perfect opportunity to give this a try. Can you guess what color my partner liked? :smile:

The inside of each notebook is sealed with some Mod Podge to hopefully keep the stitches in place.

Thanks for looking!


I love how each one takes an everyday object and makes it special.


I love that you took a tutorial, crushed it, and added even more creativity. I love the idea of painting it first! They are all amazing.


Thanks, friends! :blush:

They all came out wonderful! Love the colors!

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How interesting to combine your stitching skills to paper! Very nice way to dress up a journal in a unique way.

The pink one went to the perfect person!

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You’ve really elevated basic notebooks! It’s amazing how much some relatively simple stitching motives can upgrade them and then adding paint? Brilliant!

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Love them! That pink one really shows your style, I would know that was your work without being told. :paintbrush::writing_hand::sewing_needle:


Totally surprised me to see this project when I arrived today. For a couple of days I’ve been learning some new things at an online Zen workshop. One of the artists did Mixed Media journals. Another artist did some stitching on talismans which she used to close the journals. Really cool stuff.

My point is dull but helpful I think, lol. With some direction I discovered these 30-page notebooks that can easily be manipulated into great journals. I have a fantasy to be an artist one day, so I ordered 5.

Pen+Gear Personal Notebook, College Ruled, 30 Sheets, Brown -


Yes! I used a similar base. I did not make my own notebooks for these - just embellished!

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Can’t believe I missed seeing this for many weeks!
These are fantastic! Such a cool idea

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