Stitching madness has hit!

My embroidery Muse has struck and I’ve been happily stitching away. Here’s this week’s work…

I finished my Gnomeo hoop.

Then, I stitched up his brother, Bob. (Couldn’t come up with a catchy name. Suggestions are welcomed! :lol:

Next up was this happy Bee hoop.

There’s one more that I’ve not quite finished, but it should be done by the end of the day. :grin:


These are so sweet! You did a great job. They make me long for springtime.

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So dang cute!

Super cute, love the little gnomes.

That little bee is just adorable, but those gnomes are so cute :heart_eyes:

Thank you, everyone! I’m finishing up my last hoop before dinner. I’m really excited to share it. :grinning:

Love all the hoops you’ve been working on…adorable gnomies and bee :slight_smile:

Gnorman makes a great partner for Gnomio, and I love the bee hoopy!


@steiconi - YES! Gnorman is now his new name! Grazie!


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I love the little stitches on his hat.

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These are so cute and make me long for Spring!

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Cute! The little hearts on the hat are adorable.

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