Stitching with Prompts

Each year, I join some sort of blogger who is doing a year long craftalong . I usually peter out pretty quickly, but then, I get interested again and do manage to finish within a year or so…

Here are 10 of the 52 prompts that I completed at for the stitched flags prompts. It is a weekly stitchalong. I like learning new stitches, even though I never seem to remember them. I also like stitching while watching tv or podcasts. Not sure what I am going to do with these when I am finished…maybe just reference them for other projects or join them all together for some sort of collaged piece.

I am using scraps of kimono fabric for this one. Some are silk, some are cotton, and there are a few obi fabrics in there as well.

In the meantime, I have a few more to do before the end of the year, so I better get going! (Not that I have any goal to get them all done by the end of 2022…just a few!)


Oh, these are all gorgeous! I’m partial to the last two, as well as the heart and the gray one with all the buttons. Looks like a fun craft along.

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Ohh, those are so pretty! I love the squares & buttons. And the heart! How did you make it stay flat?

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It’s puffy on the back side as well…I think it is just an illusion since the picture is taken from above. There isn’t a lot of stuffing in there…just enough to puff the front a bit!

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Beautiful! Love the last row of the 2nd pic. :heart_eyes:

Whoa, these are quite striking - both individually and as a group. I think my favorite might be the one with the shells.

These are lovely! (Do you have a link to the stitchalong?)

These would make a lovely bunting or banner string across a room!

@thanate…that stitchalong is over…it was a paid one…she does have one that she will start in 2023…

52 Stitches for 2023

@marionberries…they are two sided so as soon as I finish them, that might be what I make!

That’s funny, I thought I recognised the accent! I lived in Leeds, Yorkshire for many years so it was familiar.

I sometimes have to put closed caption on because she does have a strong accent at times. I swear I think she says “murder” a lot…

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